Woody Labounty

Stephen "Woody" LaBounty

Woody LaBounty (that's me) leads nonprofit initiatives in San Francisco and is a researcher, writer, and speaker on the city's history. He serves as President and CEO of San Francisco Heritage, a 50-year-old nonprofit with a mission to protect and enhance San Francisco's unique architectural and cultural identity.

Before joining Heritage, Woody was the longtime executive director of the local history organization, Western Neighborhoods Project. There he led efforts to save relief cottages from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, bring more than 50,000 historical images online, and use arts and history to equitably enrich neighborhoods.

He does a lot of research and writing on San Francisco history—articles, context statements, and three books to date—and enjoys the challenges of project-based partnerships between diverse community groups, historians, and government agencies.

Woody produces a weekly email newsletter on San Francisco history. Sign up for it at SanFranciscoStory.com

(Photo of Woody by Dennis Minnick)