Overland House

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Original House on 500 block of Sacramento Street. 1860s. Later became the Overland House run by the Slinkey family. - 2012-10-05

The "Original House" on Sacramento Street, shown above in a mid 1860s photo, became the "Overland House" just before the Slinkeys took it over in 1873. Next door to the popular and well-known "What Cheer house," which was a liquor-free hotel for single male visitors, and across the street from the Pacific Mail Steamship office, the Overland House was the first big success story for the Slinkeys.

1874 ad for the Overland House, 529-533 Sacramento Street, run by the Slinkey family. - 2012-10-05

Advertisement from Langley's San Francisco Directory of 1874, page 42, illustrates how the Overland House spread in an "L" formation to the north alley, Leidesdorff street.

Updated 21 January 2013.