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Every year I create a DVD for my family and friends for Christmas presents. Usually it's sort of a video diary of our year. In 2006 my daughter Miranda and my nephew Dustin Magidson were inspired by a start-stop animation class they took at summer camp. This led us into creating one of our own and it sort of got out of hand.

A key to the people:

Head-balloon pumper: Diane Aurelius (friend)

Monster Boy in glasses: Duncan Magidson (nephew)

"Buy my video" is my brother-in-law Boswick the clown. You really can buy his video.

Three singing ladies: Diane Myrick (sister-in-law), Donna Payne (mother-in-law), Lisa Myrick (sister-in-law)

Hobbits: Stephen LaBounty (my Dad), Pat Knoblauch (Dad's special gal).

Helmet dancers: Matt LaBounty (my brother), Kelly Blair-LaBounty (sister-in-law), Jacob LaBounty (nephew)

Red suit singers: Christopher LaBounty (brother), Pamela LaBounty (mother), Rodney Case (Mom's special guy), Katrina Van Duyn (sister-in-law)

Sumo wrestlers: Seth Adams and Brady Lea (Miranda's godparents). "Fight" announcer is David Gallagher (friend)